Propel Ending Update

Propel is now coming to and end, we have all been working extremely hard. We are all ready to present what we have been working on for the past semester. I have been working on my website a lot for the past 3 week an the overall Cloud Property platform. its just about ready to be live except for working out a few small details. My domain is also live now and is when your on the website it bring you to the coming soon splash page and in a few days i plan to release it to everyone to finally see.

Overall, Propel has been really good to me, it has increased my skills in the things i really like doing everyday, like web design, publishing, studying technology, learning new programs and more. I plan next week to finish up my Propel project and present it at the propel presentations.

Project Update #7

My Propel project is about 3 quarters done now, i now have created a team with designers and developers, and marketers to help me with the platform, and we have been having meetings outside of school to discuss our design and development almost 3 times a week. is growing fast, we are gaining lots of attention on our social media accounts, and we haven't even been advertising that much as yet. Our main focus right now is grabbing Winnipeg home buyers attention and get feedback on them regarding our platform.

We are also now working on developing and designing the iOS and android application for our platform. So far we have found a great real estate template to work with so now we have a head start with the app already.

Christmas break

propel is now at our holiday break time, but we are still working hard as ever. I will be going to a bunch of meetings of the break to finish my designing and developing my cloudproperty platform. Over my christmas break i will also be visiting family and friends. I also plan to have my work christmas party at my new office location to show the ne

Propel MidPoint

We are now in the middle point of the propel program, it doesn't really feel like that at all, because time in the days goes by so fast. This week has been filled with meetings, designing, and a tweaking my logo design. I'm about halfway done the CloudProperty Platform i have been working on, and i think im just in track on where i should be.

Our class has been doing a few new things such as Toast Masters, to help us with speeches, and just speaking in general. I love doing it because it actually helps me practice my speaking in front of my class, without being judged, and still also get great feedback.

Project Update #6

This week was super busy, I have now started the social media marketing campaigns and we have started gaining some local Winnipeg followers. I have also been working hard on my Lean canvas to create a better understanding of the little business details that I still need to work on. The past 2 weeks have been constant meetings with my new team I have put together for CloudProperty, I have got a graphic designer, a financial advisor, and a marketing guy helping me out with my day to day operations, aswell as some business mentors I have been going to for advice and tips. So far everything has been running smoothly, except some minor details, but the project is on track and finally starting to look like somthing.

The logo that I have talked about has been redone again, and is going to be up on this week. The social media accounts are all live and accessible via the websites cover page.

Project Update #5

Its been a buy 2 weeks of constant planning, developing, scrapping, and more. Creating a logo for a property management business with limited resources is not an easy thing, but i have now almost a finished copy of the logo that will be published online friday. I have also got the domain locked up for use,

The social media networks for CloudProperty is up and running and the social media marketing campaign will be starting this week, aswell as the cover page for the website will be finished up designing, and start to be developed and published before the end of the week. Go and check out all of the CloudProperty Social media networks next blog when i post them.

I have been having several meetings with my graphic designer, and he has been helping me create the overall look for our brand, and aswell as the actual logo. our logo will be finished for Friday and will be published on our website.

Project Update #4

I have now started to create the look of my property manage business. I have been doing lots of research on this and my business plan so far, and I feel like I am ready to start branding the company. I have meetings all this weekends aswell as next week with some graphic designers, and branding experts to help me find a core concept, and with the logo and graphics I will need. I have begun to layout some of my ideas for the branding, and business plan on a large canvas so I have some better visuals.

Next week I plan to dive into the naming and logo of the company and once I have talked to the graphic designers I feel like I will have a good idea on what I want it to sound and look like to the customers. I also am looking into starting the design of the website next week, so we can layout the idea somewhere.

Innovation Alley

We went to innovation alley today. I have been wanting to go to this for about a year now, I have had no idea what it was before today. Going to innovation alley showed me how many resources and people just like me are actually in my city. Tons of great entrepreneurs in one location. I heard about innovation alley, ramp up Manitoba, and assent works before, I also know people who attend it, and they all tell me to join it. But today actually made me want to. I wish I had more time to talk to some people about what I am doing, and aswell as my future plans. I would love to work in a great environment like ramp up Manitoba, and show what u ah well to offer, collaborate with people in my interest and grow my business knowledge.

Project Update #2

Today i worked on my Milestone Tracker to track out my steps for my project. The Milestone Tracker helps me manage my time efficiently every week. So 1 one week i have a task and the next week will be a new task. The tracker will help me with my project a lot because i like to spend a lot of time on just 1 thing.

My next thing i need to work on this week is putting together a proper business plan and find the resources to do so. I don't have a full idea of where to find resources other then online but im still in the process of looking.

Project Update #1

So today i started brainstorming the big picture of my project. I struggled with this a little because i know very little about how i'm proceeding with this project. Some goals i noted down today we're making a comprehensive business plan, and this is the first thing i would need to start with, but making the plan with my business in mind will be easy. The hard part is actually knowing how to write up a business plan.

My next few goals i wrote up were branding/Marketing (logo, advertising, cover, etc.), Funding and Financing, One core concept/design, quality management+services+sales, Audience (what citys? what consumers?), day to day operations, collaborative employees.

Next week i plan to start the business plan by studying how to write up a proper business plan.