Researching Projects

This week i started researching and digging deeper in what my project should be for propel. I know i want it to be based on technology, but still be a business.

In class we did a "idea activator" to start our project workflow. It really helped give me a better understanding on what i would like to do. Some things i put in my project activator was venturing into a new business idea, and create a business plan about it. i also put down i want to learn more about how to market businesses better to help me in the future.

I also had a lot of questions for myself, such as where would i start with making a business plan?
How do i create a proper business model/plan to present?
what materials would i need?

Over the next week i plan to answer all my questions i have to start getting into my project.

Syrian Refugee Crisis

Today we did an activity in class, on the topic of Syrian Refugee Crisis and the EU countries, on what and how they are accepting refugees from Syria. We got everyone's different opinion on this, and this was mine.

People in places such as the UK which are far more wealthier then most European parts of the world don't think they have to worry about the Syrian refugee crisis. They think it has nothing to do with them, and they are happy with the way things are for them and their country already. They don't want to share their resources, and would rather put their money into investing into something else.

Everyone's opinion ion this topic were very different, and everyone had great comments about peoples statements.

Blog 1

What is ProPEL About?

ProPEL is a project based student learning class at Nelson McIntyre Collegiate. We have been building our classroom for the first week to get things started. We then will be starting our first small project which will then lead to out final big project, we get to pick whatever we feel our interests are.

Are we Getting Credits?

We will be getting 3 credits at the end of the semester and we have the opportunity to receiver 1 more if we choose to do so.

Why did we go to Epic Escape?

Epic escape was a way for us to interact with each other, i thought it was a great experience because i was stuck in a room with 3 other classmates i barely knew.